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Originally Posted by mcdow View Post
Are the tests something that you can take in one day, or would you suggest the core one day and the categories another?
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The way I did was as mentioned before was to study. The day I took my core test, somewhere around 90 questions I also signed up for the morning class. I figured many of the questions on the core test would be covered in class and they were. That day I took core test only. Those 2 things alone took until 6:00 PM. They shut down at 6:00 PM. That was all I wanted in one day, pretty eventful day. I continued to study every chance I got. Once I found out that I passed my core, I then signed up to take the other 2 tests to get the category's that I wanted. I took those 2 on the same day. I think you can take the tests until you pass but who wants to go through that several times. I remember sitting in the parking lot in the morning before going in to take my test, continuing self testing. Your score test does not have to be perfect to pass. But, I would go in realizing that you are going to miss some questions. Your goal of course is to pass missing the least amount of questions. One too many misses and you fail. One more right and you pass. Remember this better to make a mistake on the test than in the field. Once you get your test continue to learn. They have re-certification seminars every year. You need only to attend one of those every 3 years to keep your license. I would recommend though to attend every year then, you don't have to worry. They also have a lot of good information, new information every year. There are also good contacts there along with maybe a couple of suppliers doing the sessions along with company hand outs. Again more information. Get on OSU Pested sight. There is a lot of information there on where and how to get your license as well as updated information. It changes daily. Best of all that doesn't cost anything extra. I would suggest spending the 35.00 for all of the study material and guides. If you were to buy at a book store it would probably cost you well over 300.00 alone for that. Besides you know that is what they will be testing you on. It costs I think 30.00 or so to take the test by category. Take as many times as needed for that cost. Once you pass you have to show proof of liability insurance. You also have to pay like 35.00 for your license per year and also pay 35.00 for a business licence every year. Once you get all of that you are good to go. It is a lot of work to get done. I will say to me it was some of the best time and money that I invested over the last 18 years. It is nice knowing that you are legal and insured and you should know what you are doing. Now go get after it. Good Luck !!
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