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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
You would be a great one to interview in that we could hear what has happened over the past number of years... the ups and downs, and solutions and reasons why those solutions worked or not...

How many years ago did you start the T. ???
I started using tea in '05 until '11 working for a commercial company. For the last year plus I've been using AACT on my home lawn/shrubs.

The ups and downs dealt mostly with refining the process of brewing, cleaning and spraying without destroying the organisms. Once you get the system down it's not that difficult. I never used it as a standalone product, always an application in mid-spring or mid-fall.

I see great results on my home lawn by applying compost or a heavy chicken poo fert then applying tea on top of that. Something I always wanted to do on the commercial end, but never had the time to do.
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