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Originally Posted by mcdow View Post
Wow. Thanks Gebby! I got the books through the department of ag website. I plan on taking the test next month when its offered in my county.
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Happy to help ease your mind. I wish I would have had a coach along the way. I really can't remember one question on the test.

I would study the core book FIRST. Learn everything you can in that book. Without passing that first you can't go any further. As mentioned I think it was 90 questions. They ask a lot about PPE, pressures, square feet, square feet per acre, State Laws, Posting, they pose a emergency situation and ask you what you should do first with 4 multiple choice questions. Calibration. If there is a question that you can't answer correctly for certain, pass over that and go back over to it. There are several answers to questions in other questions. I took every minute I was allowed to take for my test. I probably went back through the complete test at least twice before I turned it in. They closed at 6:00 and I turned it in at 5:55. Take a real calculator, we could not use the one on our phone. They worry you will text someone for an answer. I did change some of my answers before turning in. Afterward they told us USUALLY your first answer is probably the best answer? I can't confirm or deny that. I'm glad you already have your books. If you are to begin testing next month you should be good. I had not taken a real test since high school back in 1976. I really put a lot of pressure on myself. My study habits in school were not the best. Learn the language and find a way for the information to stay between your ears. I have heard that many guys fail the first time. If you do fail don't give up. Once you get your core the categories will be some what easier. They will again ask you some of the same questions. If you are going for Turf, you need to know the types of grasses and weeds. You also have to know the bugs. With all of those you need to know their life cycles and when it is best to get rid of them along as the best way. Remember Chemicals are not always the best way. Cultural Practices will work too. On the test they provide you labels. Read and understand that label. The answer to the question is in the label. You have to read the label.Most important thing you will learn is this, READ THE LABEL and THE LABEL IS THE LAW, EVERYWHERE, ALWAY'S. READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. Let us know how you make out. Good Luck.
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