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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is a very good point... In fact that is one of the ways that CT is able to get licensed as, 'Fertilizer'... But you are still stuck with the issue of Food running out... I can get carbohydrates from a six-pack of beer, but I don't think those carbs will last as long as a loaf of bread...

When you think about the amount of food fed to these microbes and the meticulous care that goes into these microbes reproducing and thriving,,, you have to wonder what will happen to them when they get tossed out onto a "less than friendly" lawn...

Do you believe that the aerated Tea maker is producing enough food for a 6000K lawn??? How big is this T-Maker and how much energy will ultimately go into the turf???
Well, I wouldn't apply tea as a standalone to a "less than friendly" lawn. I may do a few apps of tea, but more than likely the property is lacking in organic matter or has some other soil deficiency. What happens is a tough call. The trick to applying tea is it doesn't do much good on the surface, so you need to add water to try and get it down into the soil. I always sprayed at least 4 GPM and tried to do apps when rain was coming or even spray in the light rain.

The going rate for tea varies, but generally it's 1 gallon of tea per acre. So yes, a 5 gallon brewer is sufficient for a 6k lawn. Tim Wilson has a 55 gallon Microbulator and a new 12 gallon vortex machine. I haven't used the 12 gallon machine.

I currently have a 5 gallon KIS brewer with the extended life motor. Works great.

What do you mean by how much energy goes into the turf?
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