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from what i've gathered the john deere 7-iron and the scag velocity plus decks do the best in wet conditions.

really they do best in all conditions. there are exmark lovers on here that swear by exmark being the best. they only do that when it's dry and on weekly yards that are not overgrown at all. i don't know about you but that is a rare thing that i encounter. most of my accounts are bi weekly and not the most perfect yards out there. the complaint they have against the 7 iron and the scag velocity plus is that the clippings are too long. these decks cut and move the clippings out fast. the long clippings can be fixed though by using Oregon G6 blades. this cuts them into smaller pieces therefore making the 7-iron and velocity plus decks the best in all conditions. from wet, overgrown all the way to dry, weekly, perfect yard conditions.

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