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Originally Posted by seabee24 View Post
Because of the previous two bad years, im considering just running a tight ship. The guys that do well, pull them to the side, buy them lunch, possibly increase their pay and let the good ones know that they are appreciated.

Would you alsp let a good guy know that your running a tight ship at the moment to weeed out the bad ones? and that your goal is actually to run a looser ship later when more trusted employees are there?
I plan on tightening up some too. I want to install some GPS to track and to optimize routes and I want to start tracking time on the job too.
Part of the time tracking is for production but to also make sure the account is bringing in the correct income too.

There are multiple ways to tighten up the ship.
Talk to the guys, tell them production has to increase, ask them how and where. Tell them you want to track production but also say it is to verify billing.

Drop the bad clients as well as the bad employees. Just do not do it blindly. Do not raise prices blindly.
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