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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
Was looking at the pic of your guy installing the he using a hatchet to make a trench for it?
That big ugly thing is my son lol

Yes that is a hatchet. You cannot see it but we hold the hatchet in our left hand and hit it with a large dead blow hammer. A lot of areas around here have limestone rock and that bust through the small ones great. If we have good soil [very seldom] we just beat the edging down with hammer and block but most of the time we use the hatchet and hammer first. I goes faster than you think it would and makes a great groove. I have had that hatchet for several years and it is great for small roots when replacing plants, edging, small rocks, ect..

Another one of my favorite tools that was not really meant for landscapers is my cordless saws all. That out of control Crape Myrtle you see in one of the before and after pics was trimmed by it. I use a medium tooth blade for trimmimg small limbs and a fine tooth one for cutting the edging and PVC pipe when doing irrigation repairs.
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