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Originally Posted by tmasterlc View Post
Why is it that different browsers will show websites differently? I always run into a difference in the way IE and Firefox vs Google Chrome show a site.
The main browsers use different rendering/layout engines to display content and they interpret code differently. Most notably, CSS and HTML5 are usually at the top of the list of what people here will encounter. If you want to nerd out deeper than my extremely superficial explanation, grab some caffeine and search either rendering or layout engine.

Is there anyway to deal with this?
Yep, you essentially have to code to the lowest common denominator of what works <fingerquotes> best </fingerquotes> across all browsers. It definitely helps to pay attention to what Device/OS/Browser your visitors are using and plan from there. Also, welcome to the club of people who develop or code their sites enough to be driven mad by this. lol
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