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I don't think this warrants any more discussion, but I feel I should respond anyway since I asked some leading questions early on before the story was known. I didn't see any evidence of bashing (whatever that is), or any mention of how he should run his business, or that he is 14!

However he did ask about pricing, a subject that will always receive similar responses on this site. Even I asked when I got here, and I got shut down!

I'm 24 just for reference, an was on dad's jobs since I was 6 (he got out of the business when I was 12 and helped me get in when i was 22).

Keep working, reading, learning. and most of all, shut your mouth and listen. You can learn something for your business from every type of business out there. And how to price has been covered in every corner of this site at length, so poke around and soak it up.
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