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Don't think I'm trying to discourage you, but there is a problem you may have overlooked. You're still 16 years old. You are not going to be able to enter into contracts. Do you have an adult who will be, on paper, the owner of this business?

For those who are urging you to go with a dba, if you have plenty of insurance, that can make life simpler. If you have minimal insurance, you, personally, are effectively judgement proof because you currently own nothing that could be seized to satisfy a judgement. But depending on local laws, your family's assets might be seized. I am a strong proponent of using an LLC to limit liability, but the accounting issues become much more complicated than if you have a dba, so you need to consider the pros and cons of both, and decide what is right for you.

And I agree with those who would strongly discourage a high school theme, or even reference to your youth, in your marketing. Focus on professionalism and competence.
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