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Nice grab. I would be more worried that a older truck doesn't have the correct amount of miles/hours on it for its age. Sitting to long and not running will destory a engine just as fast as to many miles.

Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
Gas mileage would be no worse than my 6.0

And from what everybody is saying, due to the price difference in diesel and all that it works out to be the same to run a gas truck versus a diesel..

My dad bought 2 new gmc cab and chassis in a 1994. one with a 454 and one with the 6.5. Never had any problems with the 454 other than brakes
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Back in that time 6.5's where very misunderstood and almost always misdiagonised. I have a 98 with a 6.5, and its been running strong with 191K on it. Its got its PMD relocation kit, a new balancer 2 years ago, and updated oil lines. Is it a diesel powerhouse, NO!, the 7.3 powerstroke and 5.9 cummins in that time frame where a better power horse engine. But I'm happy with the lack of power to get around 18mpg empty on the freeway, vs my old 5.9 dodge gasser and I was lucky to get 10mpg (plus I was burning more coolent and oil than gas in it by the time I sold it). The other great thing about the 6.5L even though its old, GM has to keep supplying parts stock for it, thanks to they US Military as its a 6.5 powering the last generation of HUMMV's. Surplus engines are extremly cheap.
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