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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
I just treat clients and potential clients how I would want to be treated by an LCO. and to be 100% truthful and honest clothes is the last thing I'd be concerned with.

if I'm paying someone to service my lawn I'm paying for the quality they do in servicing that lawn, not to look good while they are there for the short amount of time once a week that they are there. they can go naked for all I care. as long there quality is what I want and expect.
This is the problem, you think people are just like you! Working holidays, sundays etc. etc. No reguard for neighbors or others in general because you dont care. Never thinking of the future, just the now becuase you are happy to stay solo, living in your parents basement and playing xbox.

Oh and you dont have a full schedule because you melt in the rain.
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