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Originally Posted by NattyLawn View Post
Well, I wouldn't apply tea as a standalone to a "less than friendly" lawn. I may do a few apps of tea, but more than likely the property is lacking in organic matter or has some other soil deficiency. What happens is a tough call. The trick to applying tea is it doesn't do much good on the surface, so you need to add water to try and get it down into the soil. I always sprayed at least 4 GPM and tried to do apps when rain was coming or even spray in the light rain.

The going rate for tea varies, but generally it's 1 gallon of tea per acre. So yes, a 5 gallon brewer is sufficient for a 6k lawn. Tim Wilson has a 55 gallon Microbulator and a new 12 gallon vortex machine. I haven't used the 12 gallon machine.

I currently have a 5 gallon KIS brewer with the extended life motor. Works great.

What do you mean by how much energy goes into the turf?
Applying Tea to an unfriendly lawn was in reference to the survivability of the microbes in different environments... one might imagine spraying your microbes onto a sidewalk as an extreme situation in which the microbes would die w/out food of anykind...
Sandy soils with a lot of bare spots and little SOM is another hostile environment for Tea microbes... their dead bodies would be the only nutrients provided for the plants... And the idea of providing N to the plants with a gal/A. of microbe bodies,,, would be miniscule...
Would you agree???

The one nutrient that is most important to turf is generally, N,,, so it is hard to believe that there are enough dead microbes to supply adequate N all by themselves, on sandy soil with barespots and little SOM to convert...
Do you agree that the N, that comes from the Tea, is NOT from what's in the Tea itself,,, but rather, the N comes from what the microbes convert in the soil??? is that about right???
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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