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Originally Posted by Vanderhoff Landscaping View Post
What if the first snowfall is over 2 feet?
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That could happen but what if it doesnt snow at all? If it does ill be doing some hard work for free but if it doesnt I might be able to add more accounts. I just wanted to know some opinions if this might be a good promotion.

Im a start up business, I want to have some kind of special to add to my flyers to get some attention.

We just had about 2 feet of snow here so I figure this will get some attention. This coupon can be used once during the year. Maybe it wont even snow, maybe it will snow 4 inches and people will use it, than maybe it will snow 2'.

Do you think it will be to risky? Maybe just the pH test and the snow and ice control. Maybe just free snow removal and make them pay for ice control (I dont know something like that so I wont lose so much money and time). All I know is people want something for free lol. Even if they dont get it when its all said and done they just want to know that they could get it.
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