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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post
Don't fertilize turf during rainy season anyway; the clippings return plenty of nitrogen back to the turf.

IMO: Problem is too many uneducated hacks pouring boatloads of fertilizer under the more is better provisions of the r3tards Guide to Maintaing a Southern Lawn.
Actually that's an uneducated statement. You should say "don't over fertilize" the turf in the rainy (growing) season. Clippings can only return the nitrogen if there is any in there. How exactly is there going to be nitrogen in the clippings with our growth rate in the summer and no replenishment of nutrients? Pretty basic knowledge a plant need SOME nitrogen to grow, period! Spoon feeding when turf needs nutrients including nitrogen is the proper way to go. Fertilizing in the "non rainy" season or what we call the semi or dormant season is totally irresponsible as the turf doesn't utilize it and it ends up where it doesn't belong.
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