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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
It makes sense that using compost and chicken manure is going to feed the microbes in the soil and supply N to the turf... after that many years of compost and manure,,, don't you think that the most effective microbes for that environment have been established by now??? Just a thot...

After that many years of compost and manure your soil must have gone through some dramatic changes...

What have you noticed about changes in the soil itself???
Yes, I would say I changed the soil profile a it over the years. I have a nice 4-5 inch layer of nice, rich, dark brown soil before I hit clay in my yard. I typically apply a thin layer of compost in the spring and fall and a fert app in the spring. The soil drains much better than we moved into our house in '08 and the turf in the front lawn looks great. I have little weed pressure now. When we moved here we had violets, strawberries and a ton of dandelions. My back yard is untouched as we have 2 large dogs messing it up.

The good microbes probably are established, and IMO I do try and keep up with the Joneses a bit. Even we in the business, I always told customers I need 3 years to get them the nice lawn and then we could tale off on apps, usually 3 a year (early spring, late spring, early fall) as long as the customer kept up good cultural practices.
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