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Originally Posted by jahcad View Post
I'm in need of some help. Talked to the local Pros. and get laughed at or hung up on. Looking for a controller that will monitor flow
and have a good weather station (like the RB ESP-SMT Series). All the locals have to say is you don't need all that for residential
and it would just be a waste.
Well I don"t think that's fair to say. So I'll tell you a little about the system.

6 Zones
15 rotors per zone
BERKELEY SSHM-2 Pump (from pond water)
I've got 2 of the 6 zones that I'm concerned will be vandalized

Looking to water smarter...any help would be great.

Thanks, Joe
Have you talked to Central Irrigation in Coon Rapids or John Deere Landscapes in Ham Lake? They would be the local suppliers.

Why 2 zones worried that they will be vandalized? Can you adjust watering times so it's less likely?
Looking for blown Kawi 29HP DFI engine's fd791d, whole thing, intake, throttle body, and electronic's. PM me if you have something you would like to sell.
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