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Homemade Tire Cage(trimmer trap tc-3)

Just a couple pictures of the tire cage I made, I was gonna buy them from trimmer trap but the price made me reconsider, so anyways I built one for a Toro 22156 and will make another. I'm gonna use it in my truck bed, to hold my mowers so they can be one in front of the other without fumbling with bungees/straps or having them rolling around. I used to just turn one sideways at the rear and then secure it to the anchors in the truck bed, but with two it becomes a pain. Hope this helps someone thinking of buying one or something similar. I am also in no way a fabricator of any kind, don't have a welder, I used a blow torch, vice, hammer, drill, nuts and bolts. I am also gonna use a large plastic wing nut thingy to tighten it and slide it up/down, so it can be easily secured by hand, just didn't have one.
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