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Central Irrigation wont talk to me... I'm a homeowner
John Deere Landscapes....haven't talked to them

Why 2 zones worried that they will be vandalized? Can you adjust watering times so it's less likely?.....see pic

mitchgo you are right
the zone in the pic is
3 360 at 9gpm (precip .495)
1 270 at 7.9 (.495)
6 180 at 4.3 (.475)
2 90 at 1.3 (.490) all = 63.3gpm pressure at heads are 48psi

As far as only once a week. Was just trying to deep water the best I knew how if its wrong please help. I can only work with what i read as what I'm watering is not the norm. I'm not here to come off as a smart axx just trying to fine the right answers. I will admit I'm over my head.

The reason I'm watering my trees is I have bark beetles. The MN forestry service keeps blaming our drought.......I dont know what else to do.
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