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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
It sounds like you've done an excellent job of combining the various elements of Tea, Compost and Organic fertilizers...
Do you think that for your lawn that the Tea is any longer necessary for the continued well-being of your soil???

In my experience with just the compost, I've discovered that once the soils have been made fertile, that even the compost has become redundant... Your chicken manure may be all that is necessary to provide the little extra N that is needed to keep it bright green through the season...

Is that likely that the Tea and compost are required???

I continue to add compost where needed, if I can, but at reduced amounts and subsidize the N supply with some urea or Milorganite in late Spring and early Fall... I like to apply the compost later in the fall after aerating and generally that does it for the season...
I believe that once the soil structure and tilth are adequate, very little is required to keep it that way...
Honestly, I mainly use the tea for my plants and garden. Any extra gets put on the lawn. I tried getting by with no late spring app last year, and the lawn suffered a little in the summer.
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