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Production Times - Pavers

This ought to be interesting.....

Ok, let's say you have an ideal scenario. It's a driveway and so access is really easy. No lugging pavers all the way around the house. And let's assume you can have the pallets of pavers delivered pretty close to where they will be installed. Let's also assume that it's already excavated and your fabric and lifts of compact gravel are already in place. All your crew has to do at this point is install screeding sand, screed the sand, and lay the pavers. Let's also disregard cutting too. Just getting the pavers laid out as close to the edges as possible and save the cutting for later.

The pattern your team is installing is this pattern:

So just doing the screeding sand and placement of pavers, that's all. And it's a LONG driveway. How many sq. ft. would you expect your team of 3 guys do lay down per day?
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