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Which stander is better

Check out the scag. I manage the service department for a repair shop that has stores in 6 states and we have one location in Richmond, I'm just getting back into doing fert work nowadays.
But hands down I have very few problems out of the Scags we sell. The Toro's and Exmark's are nothing but problem children. too many leak points, a motor that moves up and down with the deck is never good, the front end is too light and bounces too easily. The springs break and changing belts on those--well I hope you have small hands and arms.

The Scags are bullet proof. biggest discharge chute in the industry largest cutter deck front to back for more vacuum and better cut. the spindles are the same for the v-ride all the way through the turf tiger.Easy lift deck, no bounce on the front end. There's just shy of 150 lbs more metal in the decks of Scags to Toros or Exmarks. one piece split steel pulleys, no riveted or stamped pulleys like T or E. and the blade bolt goes through the spindle top to bottom. No bolts that are screwed into the spindles.

And if you buy one now Scag is offering a fleet price for V-rides. Saving around 2k depending on set up.

Check out the scag website and look at how well it stripes right out of the box. You wont be disappointed.
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