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Mission accomplished. ......I took a bolt, cut the head off, and welded it inside the hole. Its pretty stout and holds real well..........I have one question I need to ask though. This is the first belt drive I have owned and I am still learning the infamous Peerless transmission.....So.... Do these transmissions shift easier when the mower is running? I put it back together and tried to shift it and it would not go into any gears unless I turned the pulley by hand while I shifted the lever. I have not filled it with grease yet either, but these things should shift easier packed full of grease and while the mowers running, right? I cleaned it out and everything looks fine inside, shift keys are good and gears look great(I put the spacers back in the right order too). I hope I don't have potential problems on the way or am I worrying to much?......Anyways, Thank you all so much for the helpful info, I have learned a great deal since I joined this place.

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