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nothing pulls a space shuttle any faster. they always go slow.

chevy, ford, and dodge are ok if you are buying a diesel since toyota doesn't sale diesel trucks in the usa.

as far as gas powered it's not even close. the toyota will last twice as long without breaking down.

i'm not just talking out of my butt. i know from experience. i had a friend that had a chevy s-10 back in the day and i had a toyota 4x4 truck which is called the tacoma now. once he got to 100k miles his truck kept breaking down. he'd get it fixed and something else would break. so on and so on. it didn't last 150k miles. my truck on the other hand ran perfectly when i sold it with 300k miles on it. the proof is in the pudding.

my first car was a camaro. i bought it used with 100k miles on it. the engine blew up in 6 months. after that i'll never buy a chevy again.

bought my toyota with 100k and drove it for 200k more with zero problems. it doesn't take a genius to see which one is better.

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