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That's a good point. I work with my guys too. You may do better if your supervisors do this.

In the military, generally one person has no more than 3-4 people in direct commandline under him. He may have assistants that do paperwork, but a lieutenant has 4 squads in his platoon. A captain has 4 lieutenants running squads. A major has 4 captains running companies.

You may want to do that. Only make it 3 this year since your supervisors aren't very experienced. Have your supervisors do one job with each crew in rotation.

The second big idea I think is profit sharing. If every paystub looks like this:

John Smith

Base pay 40 hours @12/hour = 480
Jones Contract #1245 5% 45
Smith Contract #2213 5% 35
Brown Contract 31145 5% 50

The numbers are just made up. But if 20% of the contract price was split amoung the crew, they would have incentive both to do more contracts, and to do them well. The difference between a crew member and a foreman is that the foreman gets a higher percentage.

Suppose that you have 4 man crews. Suppose that you decide that you are going to split 20% of the contract price with the crew members. Suppose that a supervisor is in charge of 4 crews.

2% goes to supervisor.
6% goes to foreman
4% goes to each crew member.
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