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questions on LV wire conductivity

I was reading through an old thread from two years ago about connection methods. The last post in the thread was by Tom Williams who posed some questions which were never answered. The first question is one that I have wondered about. I hope that Tom will not object to my posting these questions again as he wrote them:

I'm an old theatre guy, not an electrical engineer
I'd like to find out if what I've was told about Low Voltage wire is true.

Low-Voltage wire is made of many strands of copper wire. I was told that Low-voltage current likes to run on the surface of the wire and that is the reason LV wire is made the way it is.

Is that true?

Second question: How does tarnish and eventually corrosion on the surface of the wire affect the wire's ability to conduct LV power?

3rd question: what are the issues for a low-volt system if and when water finds a way to wick up the wire through capillary action?

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