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New truck, another "help with lettering thread"

Picked this guy up a couple months ago. the lettering was painted on so thankfully I have a family member who owns a car wash and detailing business, it took oven cleaner to get it off.
here she is in all her glory

massive tool box, fold down sides, DT466 with allison auto and 80k miles

in the shop



NOW, here's the preliminary layout. I have a great vinyl guy that does the full color printing etc. I was going to wrap it but I think this is a little cleaner and the paint came out great.

shoot me some feedback. I may add some more services, i dont want to put them on the dump body because it takes a beating and gets painted every couple years. Also due to the vent on the drivers side hood, I think the phone number has to come below the logo on the cab doors. I dont want to get cluttered but I'm torn trying to get the point across

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