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From combat boots, to work boots...

...Or something like that. Im still working on a slogan.

Ive been reading on this site for a few months and just thought I would finally peek my head out and introduce myself. My name is Tim, Im 25 and the owner of Veteran Lawn Care. As the name and slogan suggest I was in the army in the 25th infantry division for a little over 4 years with 2 deployments to Iraq. I have never done lawn care "professionally" before but had a small number of neighbors and family I worked for before my enlistment. I got out almost 2 years ago and worked for my father-in-law since then laying concrete. after 2 hot hard summers breaking my already achy back Ive decided to go into business for myself.

That's the gist of me. I wont wast your time asking how much you charge or blah blah blah, I've already found that I either am trying for too much or cannot compete on larger properties yet. Learned that by being beat out on a 6 acre cemetery for $6,000 for a season...I was 3,500 above that but hey it was a big job and I wanted to be paid accordingly. Anyways I currently have a 98 GMC, 16ft tandem trailer, a 52in toro grandstand, sthil trimmers and hedger, (all bought used with money from my last deployment) and have yet to purchase a blower yet. I have a laughably small number of accounts and am scrambling for some more without shooting myself in the foot. I have a couple of estimates out there so we will see what long as I don't have to do anymore concrete ill be happy.

Well if you got this far through my rambling I congratulate you, I tend to do that alot lol. Take care and good luck to all of you.
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