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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
this was my thought also, go through picking up the larger debris, (utility poles, larger fence post, 2x4s, any metal). the place im getting the t300 from, has a timberwolf mulcher head to go with it.
you might find something worthwhile in the trash something to recycle for $$$ or sell or use. I really think mulching that marsh grass will benefit you on time and hassle. Even if the mulcher does an awful job, it won't take long to mow 25 flat acres but I think it will reduce it just fine.

I attached a sample of the job I did 11 years ago. Look at that old technology but it worked. That's a small part of the clean up. I then mowed and cleaned up some of the save trees. Many are tangled with grapevines which we leave for wildlife but the underbrush, weeds, debris, logs, wire, trash, asphalt from the highway, etc., etc., got picked up and put into containers or mulched before the whole 10 acres got a good mowing.
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