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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
Some "out of the box ideas" would be to pickup all the large items. They mow it down with a brush hog or similar and rake it into rows like an alfalfa field and bale it. I dont know how that swamp grass would be to bale but if you could cut it and bale it you would have much fewer trips to haul off, all the debris trash would captured in the bale. Then throw the few bales you would have on a trailer and take them to the dump or where ever. We bale here using large 1 ton square bales but round bales would be fine to, whatever to minimize trips and contain all the paper debris.

My concern would be you have to clean the trash out somehow because once you run it through a mower of sometype you have debris everywhere.
I like that idea but have seen balers get stalled on small rocks much less driftwood or something hard. Good idea though. Guys are baling shreds here from large mulching jobs, hauling the tight bales and dumping them into tub grinders to make landscape mulch. they can stack a lot of bales on a flatbed and haul easily from the woods to a recycling facility.

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