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Bobcat fuel issue

So I'm pushing snow after the big storm the other night and my Bobcat 883 suddenly bogs down and dies. I'm thinking water in the fuel. Acts like it wants to start but won't. So I add 911 fuel conditioner and drain the fuel filter, now it doesn't want to start at all. No fuel comes out of the line when I disconnect it. I blow thru the line and there's resistance, so I blow harder and seems to break something loose but no fuel comes out. Worst thing is I'm in the middle of the guys drive. I have to leave it overnight. I call my Bobcat dealer this morning and they say I probably blew the fuel pickup line off the end when I blew thru the line. I rig a fuel tank up temporarily and it starts fine and I Drive it back to the shop about two blocks. When I get there fuel is running out the fuel line! So I hook it back up and the machine starts and runs fine. I leave it running and after about 20 minutes it begins to sputter and eventually dies the same as before. I guess I didn't blow the pickup tube off. Maybe the rough ride to the shop stirred up the sediment or blockage which allowed the fuel to run again??? Now what? My dealer is 90 miles away so I hate to haul it in if I don't have to. I am not a great mechanic. Appreciate anyh thoughts. This is a turbo diesel.
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