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Jim, there was a plan in that design not just a single photo image. I'm talking about the guys who do no plans and ONLY doctor up pictures. They are a dime a dozen.

When I say there are no standards, I mean that there are people doing all of the things that we are talking about and many of them make a good living at it.

I make a living doing design only. I have a degree in landscape architecture and I am a licensed landscape architect. I've been taught all the standards of professional design and practice them. But that does not mean that the landscape industry in general follows them. Anywhere you go there are people drawing cartoon landscapes with crayons, photoshopping retaining walls that look like they work on flat sites, nice concise plans like the ones on your website, huge plan sets with piles of construction documents and spec's ... that is why I say there is no standard. People do what they are capable of .... some of it is pure crap, but it exists.
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