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Like all "Whats the best ______" questions on forums, you have to give more parameters for people to help narrow it down.

For me, the best place to build a website is my own dedicated server. Of course, I fully know web development, and can do everything by hand from scratch if I need to, and I don't mind the cost of the server.

So, let me give some example items that may help people point you in the right direction:

1. What is your budget? (and keep in mind this will be a 24 x 7 presentation of your company)

2. What is your level of web design? Do you know how to do basics where you can tweak some things on your own, or do you need something that pretty much guides you to everything and you just "fill in the blanks" type of editing?

3. Will you care about SEO (you should, anymore unless you are doing a private site for existing customers to use only, then you should have an understanding of what you need)

4. What is it you want your site to do for you? Basic flyer/contact info? A full site letting people know about all your services, a way for people to book reservations, a way for people to pay, a constantly updated information source for people (blog).

Starting a website without answers (or at least consideration) to the above will lead to a slow process and usually much frustration.
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