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Finally in for the night started yesterday at little after noon spraying parking lots. Got a short dinner break and started plowing. Timing of the storm was about perfect. Was able to get all commercials opened up a little before 6 am. Got all the residentials that pay to be open by 7 done. Investment of the small tractor with blower was amazing. Especially since all my residentials but one I can do three with our loading or unloading. Just finished up my last one of the night. Luckily I have 10 of my 25 residentials that are vacation homes and the owners are down in Florida so I don't have to rush to get them done. Everything went good no breakdowns besides a stubborn starter on the tractor once nothing a couple pops with the hammer didn't fix. Going to catch a 4-5 hour nap then go out and result do to warm conditions today had a lot of thawing going on and I don't want calls about ice due to refreeze. Great storm good amount light snow cant complain there.
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