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Dang Normmie...... You musta rebuilt a few cylinders......

Yep, Removes Hydro cylinder caps;

It started life with the first one top pic on the right, Blew a cylinder on our all terrain man-lift. Then it progressed to adding for both our small and large back-hoes and all terrain fork-lifts......

The last two cylinders that blew, My boss decided I was too backed up to rebuild. He sent the first one out to a Hydro "shop", Freak'n thing came back with pipe wrench gouges ALL in the cap and cylinder sides..... The second he sent to another Hydro "shop" and they did the same thing, WTF !!! Specialty "shops" don't have the proper tools for the job ????

Boss doesn't know it yet...... But I'm MAKE'N time to rebuild the next one, Don't want customers seeing this crap and think'n I'm the HACK !!!
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You never learn anything until you admit you don't know it all...
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some times the man in my mirror isn't so smart...
"Why go out preserved when you can go out beat up, worn out, sliding in sideways screaming, Holy Sh!t What A Ride" !!!
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