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Patenting would be useless because I basically took the idea from trimmer trap, I made it slightly different because I didn't't have a welder so I had to come up with a new idea for it to slide up and down and then tighten. I know the wing nut its ideal, but there is lock washer in there and it is very tight even by hand. If I can find that type of skewer and make it work I will for sure. I was originally gonna use a large plastic type threaded knob thing, its my first one so I will improve it as needed, keep in mind its for the back of a truck, not a trailer, so it shouldn't bounce around as much as on a trailer. Sorry I wont be making and selling them. Its very simple to make. I will likely make a couple more for small wheeled equipment and some more other racks, etc. I'll be making a post in the spring of my fully outfitted truck, with trimmer rack, blower rack, backrack, tire cage, tool holder, etc. I own a trailer but using the truck only is much easier, plus I cut small lawns that even a wb wouldn't fit, lol

I took a piece of 1 1/2" metal and bent into that shape with a vice, hammer, propane torch, and then cut and drilled the vertical piece, I cut the channel with a grinder and the base is just a small piece of angle iron. Took about an hour or so and about 30 bucks in metal, but there is lots of metal left, so about 10 bucks in material. Hope that helps.
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