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Always tricky to get the weather conditions right to induce potential customers to think about lawn care. You have to guess if the weather will be warm and sunny two weeks in advance.
Try to give them a reason to call--an early bird discount or coupon.
And the classic sales pitch--limited time offer--call now. Used often--because it works.
Be sure your photos are top-notch.
Be sure your brochures are at least as good--better if possible--than Tru Green.
Be sure you offer features that are better than truGreen, and be sure to point out how you are different (and better than TruGreen).

Be sure you have a high quality website to reinforce your costly mailings. And a top-quality person to answer the phone. After all it costs about $20 in mailing cost to bring in each phone call.
And get out there and measure the lawn and quote the program and price instantly, if not sooner. Be there; close the sale, before anyone else has a chance. You may need to work 4 to 9 pm so that you can catch both Mr and Mrs at home.
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