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It can be a little tacky depending on how you use it. In my opinion, if someone plays the card to get sympathy or attention for personal gain- they're an idiot.
Sounds like you're using it the right way. Your intro might have been a bit strong, but at least we know who you are now. Be proud of being proud man!
I try to have conversations with guys at my day job about my experiences but it always turns into a bragging session somehow, or a pissing them. So I've really stopped for the most part. It's like they think nothing exists outside of their tiny world so, it seems like they think I'm full of it. I can laugh it off usually since they can't pronounce or point out on a map half the places I've been. Brad Paisley has a song out about that kind of thing- but a lot of people seem to love the song while missing the point. A few years ago this kind of thing irritated me, now it's amusing.
I've lived in SC for several years now and I'm still adjusting. I'm Hispanic so people are amazed to hear crisp, clean English coming from me. That's another amusing part of my world.
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