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Hey JDinc have you ever seen Avets Lawn Care down there in SC? A buddy of mine I served with started his own thing down there too. I'm pretty jelouse of his operation already after only 2 years. I'm not sure where exactly he is. I should have googled the name before I before I started this biz, there's actually a lot of vets out there who seem to have had the same idea I did lol owell I think I'm the only in my state so that's good I guess.

I get where your coming from about the story telling. I tried college again after I got out for the second time (dropped out the first time to enlist) and I was almost sickened by the number of national guard kids walking around with their tags out and stuff. Then come to find out in one of my classes as this kid is introducing himself as being in the army and all that to try and look tuff, he's not even been to basic training! Oh man I was livid! Some how I managed to keep my cool until after class then I introduced myself as a former sergeant and talked for a min or two just to politely give him an ego check. That stuff irks me bout as much as the stolen valor wimps. I'm really really not trying to get up on a petostol with all that but I ran into it a lot in one semester of collage and it was enough for me to all but loose faith in the generation below me.

***end ranting*** lol I warned you guys at the beginning that I do that a lot!

Back to lawn stuff! Who has ever used the adds on Facebook? Worth it? Pros cons? I know the ones I see and get seem more like junk mail and I don't want to come off as that kind of company however my budget is getting tight.
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