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here is a picture after mowing last week, I got rid of the broadleaf now. Its actually pretty green, its just hard to get a good shot on a bright day. overall, its not so bad now.. I'm glad i didn't use straw.. In the past on overseedings where i'd use straw i remember how annoying the straw germination would get by spring.. I didn't want to deal with that. I just kept the seed bed damp everyday, and it seemed to do fine.

It is a little bumpy from the tilling, but nothing to bad.. it was the easiest route to take for me.. that soil was pretty compacted. I spent time with a landscape rake trying to level it after tilling.. it didn't settle all that uneven like i was thinking it might.. I mow it with my exmark 36 floating deck and it mows just fine, as well as with my honda 21". just slightly bumpy, but not a nightmare to mow or anything.

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Zane how are you looking on your yard?I am starting two fescues from scratch this year, any thoughts on to do 's and not to do's, I'm using a harley rake on both, I really don't want to use any straw either, I noticed you didn't use straw? good idea or not? what variety did you choose? I'm in the piedmont section of zone 7 Just looking for the best results, I personally like TTF I know it's a lot of work but it really looks good when cared for properly.
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