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Depending on if we are on schedule or not.....also depends on what "rain" is....a lot of the times they will forecast rain here and it wont be nearly as bad as they say, so it might spit and drizzle here and there but totally workable with no adverse affects. Some days we roll the dice and it doesn't work out. Usually I will call the guys in and we'll see what the deal is. A lot of it depends too on what we're doing and where it is, if we are doing a ripout or something and yard we're working in is a swamp as soon as it rains we're not gonna go there but if its one of those yards that can rain on all day and never really get wet then we may work in it. Also if its been raining all night or the day before, we take that into consideration too. Just a lot to think about, but like I said usually the guys will still come in and we'll see what we can do. Worst case scenario is everyone shows up and I decide its not gonna happen today I usually take the guys out for breakfast or something as a "sorry for making you come to work and then have to go home again" thing, and we'll talk about jobs we have coming up or whatever. Then I ususally spend the day catching up on equipment maintenance and office work.
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