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Originally Posted by 1bsman View Post
Do I have exceptionally lousy luck or is this experience commonplace? My list of dealers that I am willing to do business with is shrinking. Over the course of the past few months I've contacted local dealers (by phone and by foot) for various pieces of equipment. The equipment has all been in the 10-25k range. Typically I have found the salespeople to be friendly with poor follow-through. I walked in to one dealer whose salesperson didn't have the interest to demo the equipment or even crunch numbers...give me your info and I'll get back to you. Perhaps when I'm in front of you, NOW would be the time to pursue the sale??? By phone, the common one is the salesperson who is going to check what is on the lot or due in and will call back before (fill in the time or date). Hey, pal. I didn't force a deadline on you, but now that you told me when you would call...OWN UP.
I don't want to come across as petty or as having unrealistic expectations, but with $$$ exiting my wallet, I would like to see a dealer show interest before the sale as reassurance of service after the sale.
It is the work ethics of this younger generation in the sales force...Making it easy on us old timers .
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