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Originally Posted by treemover View Post
Does anybody know if their are any deere reps that frequent this site? Having issues with my dealer on my new track loader. Long story short, machine quit running my dealer replaced whole fuel system, lines, pump, injectors. Got it back and had machine for 4 days, ran it for a little less than 7 hours, broke again. Dealer is saying machine was vandalised the second time, water and round up in fuel tank, they took fuel samples. Fuel system is ruined again and possible engine damage now. However, the original cause of fuel system failure unknown. No fuel sample was taken the first time.

Dealer wont repair under warranty the 2nd time, they want me to turn it into insurance. I think they screwed up the first time and now they dont want to take responsibility? opinions? anybody have contact for a deere rep?
I have not been on here in a while...I will pm you my cell number and you can call me in the morning...If i don't answer leave your phone number and I will call back...Pretty bust lately....I am all about product support.
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