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Integrated LEDs are fine, as long as you can find that one company that makes a full line of fixtures that are just perfect for every application in your system. Until that time, you will probably be left to cherry pick fixtures from different manufactures and that is where you run into colour and intensity issues. If you don't mind your systems having visible colour temperature differences between fixture types then you are good to go... but I find that it looks pretty awful in most cases. Nothing looks worse to me than a group of fixtures that are all supposed to be 3000K but in fact range in CCT from 2800K to 3200K depending on the manufacturer = visual diarrhea.

Quality LED lamps (from a company that takes the time to match up the light output across their line --- not all do!) allow you to rely upon all of the fixtures you have come to know and trust and keep a consistent colour output throughout the system. PLUS you have the opportunity to retrofit LED into all of your client's existing systems (not to mention those of your competition's as well)
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