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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
Some of the aftermarket tracks do a have a little better ride and offer some different tread patterns so that may be attractive? For my TL140 the oem are 1800 per track. I can get aftermarket as cheap as 1000 per track. So if oem lasts 1000 hours and aftermarket last 600 hours they have the same operating costs.
Good point. I think its also imprtant to factor the potential cost of a cord breaking or a bar coming out on a jobsite and causing downtime. A failure on a jobsite can easily wipeout any advantage that a cheaper cost can give someone.

Granted, both OEM and aftermarket can fail on a jobsite. Still there is some peace of mind with a tried and true OEM. There's a reason why Bobcat, CAT, Takeuchi ship their machines with OEM tracks.
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