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The used truck market

My son and I have been scowering the internet for trucks. He is looking for a truck to use for work and to also use as a truck for a side shipping business during slow winters. Naturally he wanted a diesel for economy and longevity. Well we were in for a shock at how far off people are with their prices. Everywhere you look, prices are 5-8 thousand more than their actaul value.

One of the best examples I found was a truck on CL, an 01 Ram 2500 QC shortbed cummins. Guy was asking $20,000!!!!! I called and asked to go look at it and he agreed. I went and told him that the KBB on his exact vehicle was just at 12k. When my son told him he would give him that, he went into a tempur tantrum about how "its not a gas job here" and " I guess you dont know a real truck when you see one" All im saying is the market around here is way out of whack and people seem pretty crazy. And believe me that I know asking price and final sale price are 2 different things, but people dont wanna move either. I know alot of guys on here are good at finding deals and everything else, but I guess im not as lucky.

What do you guys have to say about the market in general. How are prices in your area?

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