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Those first three picture's look like normal winter turf, not dying grass. Those tree's aren't doing you any favor's though, did you know that a full grown oak tree can suck up to 800 gallon's of water a day out of what look's to you like dry soil. And shade and restricted airflow is really hard on grass. You should consider not having anything but bare ground under the dripline on those two big evergreen's in the first picture. Improve the air and sunlight everywhere and re-evaluate when the soil warm's up.

I can guarantee you have major compaction in the area between the two garage's. Year's of footstep's in that area have caused that. If you can improve the shade situation, that will make a big difference, but you still have to deal with the compaction. Ryegrass is your best bet, seeded at eight Lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. Alway's mow at your mower's highest setting. Use very little water. Remember that spring seeding probably isn't going too make it through the summer, Sept 1 is the best time to seed. Good luck.
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