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Re: New to site-2 cycle oil question

Originally posted by mach9
I've been lurking around here a little while and have question. I am looking for you guys recommendation on the best 2 cycle oil, both crude and synthetic. I have just opened a small engine/mower shop and want to stock a small amount of oil for my customers.
Also, any other shop owners/techs out there that want to throw any advice my way, I'd really appreciate it. Any help I can get making this thing profitable would be a godsend. Are there any other sites/forums you would recommend to somebody opening a new shop? I'm in NC. Thanks!!!!! MJ
alot of your question depends on what if any wholegoods you will carry. most manufactures require dealers to carry their brand of oil (Stihl, Echo, LawnBoy, etc). But just in general Stihl or Echo are great - personally I do not like the synthectic oils. Remember you CAN NOT mix synthetics even with another synthetic. Good Luck in your business
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