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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
Herler there is learning curve to doing tires with a manual machine.Its all about technique.The more you do the faster you get.Ive done 2 tires similar to yours in about 30 mins total .Always use lots of bead lube .Putting the tire back on the rim I just push the tire over the first bead by hand no tools needed.Getting the second bead on is where it starts to get tough.
Yeah, you're right, it's all about leverage and taking your time...
If you're fighting it, you're doing it wrong.
Which isn't to say that I haven't spent two hours cussing before.
Takes practice, a few tires or so.

Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
Then I install a locking air chuck on the valve stem and start pushing air then I grab the tire on the sides and push in a little and bounce the tire up and down on the rim.The extra lube added before airing up kinda makes a seal and lets the tire start taking air and it aids in getting the final pop onto fully beaded without having to overly inflate the tire .
Same with the locking air chuck, I hook that up...
Then I spray a SPECIFIC amount of starter fluid into the tire.
Too much and the explosion will rip you a new one...
Not enough and it won't POP.
Just a couple of good squirts should do it, takes a little practice too.
Then hit it with a Bernzomatic mapp torch (propane would work).
And POP (the air chuck keeps up the pressure as the gas cools almost instantly).

I am telling you, I've done did the bit with the strap around the tire and all sorts of things I have tried, NOTHING works like the lighted-fuel method, Ka-POOF done.

Not sure how much practice these guys had, I just did a search and it came up:
Tell you, hook the air hose up FIRST.

I think you can buy the whole kit (with canister) for under $50 at HD / Lowe's but here's a picture:

That keeps one's fingers out of harm's way.

Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
I have the same unit you showed there plus a manual unit for small tires and both are very good units that are worth having around the shop.
I have the little one as well.

Next I might try that manual tire balancer.

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