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Originally Posted by precision8m View Post
I have already confirmed that plenty fuel is flowing into the fuel bowl with no restrictions. There is only a little filter at the bottom of the gas tank at the beginning of the line that leads to the carb. Fuel flows into the bowl quite easily. For $20 I can get a new carb with a 3 year warranty off ebay. Sounds like that may be my next step.
You wont be getting a Honda carb for that. Some junk aftermarket one maybe.

Honestly its rare on a GX120-390 that I need to replace a carb for the problem you have. You should be able to clean it. Have you had the jet and emulsion tube out? Have you cleaned the bowl as well? Could the problem be something other than fuel?

Only time I have had to replace them is if they wont idle right and no amount of cleaning seems to make a difference on the idle side of the carb sometimes. But on the high speed side even the dirtiest carb should run after cleaning for Honda GX's anyway.
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